Saturday, October 11, 2008






2day the day ws very interestng,i gt a guy in the morning who tld me abt someone ..........a kind of balloons red green color to whom i hv 2 search.............

Friday, October 10, 2008

Song By Swati Gupta Mam

This is a song by Swati Gupta mam and I am posting on behalf of her as she couldn't get time to post it due to her very busy schedule........

पुरानी कैंटीन और हमारे बंक
कॉलेज की वो त्रेअट्स यार
वो दुत्ता सर का हमपे चिलाना
वो खडूस कहना भहर आके यार

वो मिलना लंच में पुरे बैच
वो लगना गले दोस्तों से यार
लैब मैं चुपके से नेट चलाना
वो खाना पाटिल मैं की रोज डांट

वो नया कोई अफ्फैर सुना
करना गॉसिप पुरे दीन यार
वो dp की बहने बनाना (हम .. को नही पता)
वो सत्यम के कांग्रेस हाथ यार

वो असैन्मेंट रोज छापना
वो बंक करना लैब हर बार
स्तैर्स पर अपना ग्रुप बनाना
वो करना स्ट्राइक कॉलेज के बाहर

वो बस मैं रोज चिल्लाना
गाने गाना ज़ोर-ज़ोर से यार
वो लाइब्रेरी की लाइन पर खड़े होकर
लेना कॉलेज के पूरे हाल

बस यादें यादें रह जाती है
कुछ कुछ चोटी बातें रह जाती है ....


I would like to congratulate all the authors of this blog on our growing sphere of influence.Now our site meter is accelerating.....Good signs...means readers are enjoying our blog too...and why not,the stuff which we are providing is based on truth which comes right from our heart,our feelings,our emotions. All this happened by the hard work, but still there is lot more to be done,so keep blogging and keep posting.......

Vikas Bajpai
CS Final Year
09:14 pm

for the creator of the blog...

first of all...thanks vikas for this beautyfull effort of urs(plz dont mind da spellins)...u provvided us wid a great thing...nice step.
Now wen a platform has been provided why dont we use it in a better way rather than juss sharin all the idiocies commited by us inb d precints of our kollege or homes...buddies we got a very gudd place for sharin n improvin dont simply waste it...lets atleast utilise this oppurtunity.

October 10 2008 Friday

Today morning we were made to appear for the test of Data Mining and as usual we started JEE,that is Join Effort Examination.........
I sat next to Raja so that I could copy his answers but within first five minutes of test I came to know that he wasn't aware of the test so we both were sitting blank बस किसी तरह लपेट - लपेट, कर फेक फेक कर sheets भर दी। For the first time it happened that Raja wasn't prepared ,otherwse he is the only guy who seriously studies at home for these tests............... well got a lesson,not to depend on others and be ready for the tests always.....

Vikas Bajpai
CS Final Year
03:51 pm

DAY 4 ~ rishabhz post


WEL this is good that people are coming in this blog and sharing there thought 
but i want to know that why people don't giving there valuable comments.........
mye dear comments is way to success ov our blog
so keep posting n give comments

for more detail plz visit
rishabh shukla
btech 2nd yr

October 10 2008

Yesterday a funny incident happend with me. One of my school friend Ashish was online latenight, so as usual after normal talks I gave the link of this blog, he visited the blog and liked it too and when I asked him to be one of the author of this blog, he said ok and I invited him too.But the moment he started filling entries,he said to me that instead of writing to your blog I would prefer to write on my own you tell me how to create a blog.......Oh my god..I took 20-30 minutes to convince him so that he would write something on my blog, but within a minute or two he made up his mind of creating his own blog....well let it be....still he is among one of my good friend..n now I am desperately waiting for his invitation to be an author of his newly created blog.........

Vikas Bajpai
CS Final Year
06:03 am

Thursday, October 9, 2008

happy dushera and diwali to all

may this diwali brings lots of happiness in your life

October 9 2008

Great to see that my sitemeter touching 50 ...this shows that more than 50 visitors are visiting my site daily................

Vikas Bajpai
CS Final Year
08:01 pm

October 9 2008

Well surprised to hear that Bangladesh won over New Zlnd....

Vikas Bajpai
CS Final Year
06:56 pm

October 9 2008

Greetings!! On the occasion of
Vijay Dashmi........a "parva" to celebrate victory of good over dvil.......let us keep this faith intact.

Vikas Bajpai
CS Final Year
11:20 am

October 9 2008 Thursday

The day starts by reading the newspaper, market crashes down by more than 300 points.....most of the people might not be knowing that how much interested I am in share trading, but the market conditions depicts that no need to go for trading,just wait and watch which need loads of patience ....
It is rightly said that "Behind an able man, there are always other able men.. or a woman", no need to give stress to your brains, the only thing which I am trying to say is that one can't get success on his own , one needs to work in am I working in group so as to finish my project work of Project Lab but still no active participation is there from my group members Shubham and Ankit. The only guy who is taking a little interest is Abhishek who eagerly listens to0 my ideas and gives his own ideas too.
Although it is said that you don't get good marks if you make a project on your own.....the only thing by which you get good marks is to manage a project from someone else, modify it and submit it. But still I have decided not to give a project made by others,why not try by myself, will see what happens next........
Vikas Bajpai
CS Final Year
9:50 am

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


world is might,
& that is right...

in the far way to night,
it is very difficult to survive...
in this fast moving world
fast changing beliefs,
faster changing people....
we all feel lost
& thus 
wanna say goodbye....
But we can't...

our shoulder have burden(weight)
weight that makes us bend 
into different shape

& thus we can't say goodbye...

world is changing they say
that might be right
& makes me lost
in the world of deep blue sky...

where i shall go.. what i do
what is right,
that makes me wrong...

the world will know
what i feel
the world will change 
that i will do
zest go around like an infant...
what i feel so..

nobody will feel lost
blossom's smell will spread
Sun rises again from east
cycle begins as i feel
     WRITTEN BY...
                            RISHABH SHUKLA
                       BTECH 2ND YR


Love is any of a number of emotions and expriences related to a sense of strong affection.
Strong affection means something related to love.....ofcouse...
people think that making a girl friend is everything no my dear no..
just showing other that yes you are also committed is totally a scene of false sense of true love....

Friends if u like a girl or boy try to win his heart....try to gain his confidence which will be there for eternity 
if you are a boy then u should be so gentle that your mate just understood what is there in your heart...
love which is not to be done with your mind it's for your heart.........

so keep going what your heart says 
let angels arrow hit u.....



Fair pledges of a fruitful tree,
Why do ye fall so fast?
your date is not so past,
but you may stay yet here awhile
to blush and gently smile,
And go at last.

what, were ye born to be
An hour or ahlf's delight,
And so to bid good night?
T'was pity nature brought ye forth
merely to show your worth
And lost you quite.

but you are lovely leaves, where we
May read how soon things have
Their end, though ne'er so brave:
And after they have shown their pride
like you awhile, they glide
into the grave.

October 08 2008 Wednesday

Dreams Shattered.......
It seems that KIDNAP is running successfully on the curtains, we couldn't get managed to get the tickets for the movie.
My friends Piyush and all must be preparing themselves for the Dandia Night at Hotel Landmark. They asked me to go but I refused to accompany them for the reason which I can't disclose on this,my friends tried to convince me but when I gave the reason then few of them laughed and few became angry.........
Now I am alone at home and feeling bored , just drawing pictures in my mind........
My imaginations have wings and right now flying high.....

Vikas Bajpai
Final Year
03:54 pm

October 8 2008

Good to see that many people are ready to contribute to my blog,but still I need some खुलकर बोलने वाला writers.............

Vikas Bajpai
Final Year
12:30 pm

October 8 2008

A new day starts with a hope of the best things to come throughout the day....Good to realize that today also I don't have to go to college.Waiting for tho movie tickets possibly "KIDNAP"...
Vikas Bajpai
Final Year
12:20 pm

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

October 7 2008 Tuesday

बहोत पापड़ बेलने पद रहे हैं मुझे इस ब्लॉग लिए...फिर भी अच्चा लगा जब Ramiz सर और Salman सर ने मेरे ब्लॉग की दिल खोल कर तारीफ करी....इससे मेरा confidence level और बढ़ गया lets see आगे कितना चलता है यह कारवां ...
विकास बाजपाई
कंप्यूटर साइंस
बी टेक फिनल इयर
10:50 pm

October 7 2008 Tuesday

मुझे यह नहीं समझ में आता की मैं लोगो को ब्लॉग इस्तेमाल करना कैसे बताऊँ एक तो मैं इनविटेशन भेजूं फिर ब्लॉग उसे करना बताना पड़ता है....गुस्सा तो बहोत आता है पर बताना में जो जो सवाल लोग पूंचते हैं उन पर हंसी भी आती है..नाम मैं नहीं लेने वाला पर वोह लोग ऐसे लोग हैं जो की कॉलेज की बड़े studious बच्चों में गिने जाते हैं ...इस टोपिक पर इतना हे क्यूंकि यह मेरे ब्लॉग की सेहत लिए अच्चा नहीं होगा ....
विकास बाजपाई
कंप्यूटर साइंस
बी टेक फिनल इयर
10:33 pm

October 7 2008

So finally some how we managed to get the GATE form and submitted that too.Although we made a mistake that GATE office do not accept the cash they only take demand drafts ...but some how we made the officers to take cash...fir me Pappu n Pushkar submitted that form and then went to meet an IIT professor Mr Dwivedi...along with whom we wnt to see one of the newly constructed highly sophisticated labs.
thats how this day ends with my friends....
Vikas Bajpai
CS Final Year
7:02 pm

October 7 '2008 Tuesday

Today we bunked our college,as everyone in our class were ready to go for a mass bunk, so ?I remained at home but everyone knows that that his time also 4-8 people will definately come to college...never mind, those people are going tounknowingly or unwillingly help us by preventing us from the fine of rs 200 on mass bunks as told by noe of my friend.....
Utilizing this holiday....I ,Pushkar and other friends have planned to go to IIT for purchsing the GATE form and depositing it too on the spot....lets see whetehr all the things are going to happen in accordance to our plan or not...
Pushkar and Pappu will be meeting me at IIT gate from where we are going to plan for the further proceedings........

Vikas Bajpai
CS Final Year
12:28 pm