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अपने घरो को जलता देख चुप रहने की आदत है हमें ,
हिन्दुस्तानी हैं हम सदा चुप रहने की आदत है हमें

khud ko को धर्मो की जन्मस्थली कहते हैं हम ,
मगर धर्म्युध्हो के नाम पर कटने की आदत है हमें
हिन्दुस्तानी हैं हम,हर ज़ुल्म सहने की आदत है हमें

वसुन्धारेओ कुटुम्बकम का नारा दुनिया को दिया,
पर हर आक्रमण अपने सीने पर सहने की आदत है हमें,
हिन्दुस्तानी हैं हम,हर वार सहने की आदत हैं हमें

समंदरी चट्टानों की तरह हर थपेडो को सहते हैं,चुप रहते हैं,
मुस्कुराने की आदत है हमें ,
हिन्दुस्तानी हैं हम,तुफानो से टकराने की आदत है हमें

फ़िर लाल आँधियों में डूबा है इक शहर ,
औ हवाओ ने रुख हमारे ख़िलाफ़ किया है,
फ़िर लाल लहू में डूबा है हर मंज़र ,
औ इंसानियत की आज फ़िर चिताएं जली हैं ,

पर हवाओ का रुख फ़िर अपनी और मोडेंगे ,
हवाओ की रुख बदलने की आदत है हमें,
हिन्दुस्तानी हैं हम,हर ज़ंग जीतने की आदत है हमें

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In his weekly radio address President Bush said, "This week, millions of Americans gather with loved ones for Christmas. This is a season of hope and joy. And it is an occasion to remember a humble birth that has helped shape the world for more than two thousand years. One of the things that makes Christmas special is that it allows us to step back and take stock of what is truly meaningful in our lives. As years pass by, we often forget about the gifts and the parties, but we remember special moments with families and friends."

Monday, December 22, 2008

stand dat shudd be taken by INDIA over pakitan...

don't we know,it has been long dat pakistan shudd stop playin its deadly terror games,targettin INDIA...INDIA is not a cardboard target unable to retaliate...but d blooody indian politicians are....
the first and foremost step by INDIA shudd be to abolish d times of these crisis ,we hav blooody politicians like abdul rehman antulay...playin blame games...stringent laws shuudd be made...and these bastards shudd learn to keep their tounges in der cheeksss...
and then....finallly....take a strikkt aktion against pakistaan...becuzz this is these pakistaani A****s who are impregnating these fidayeens on their soils....we shudd simply f**kk these bastarrdss,,,
take a step instead of blaming everythng on each other ...we're not children...and kombatting terrorism is not a child's play...crush them in d buds
pardon my language........

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Vikas Bajpai

Shall we celebrate Christmas – New Year or Not?

Therefore the Lord waits to be gracious to you,
And therefore he exalts himself to show mercy to you.
For the Lord is God of justice;
blessed are all those who wait for him

These days in India Church leaders are making many announcements such as recently the Dehradun Anglo-Indian Association has decided to cancel all Christmas and New Year festivities as a mark of respect for the victim in the Mumbai terror attack. (Times of India December 6, 2008). Some institutions and churches are celebrating Christmas and New Year in Dehradun. Common Dehradun news readers are not sure which Christians are loyal to our nation among these diverse attitude of the Church leadership in India?

Mrs. Sonia Gandhi did not celebrate her 62nd birthday because of the Mumbai terror attack. I am little concerned about the way Indian Church leaders and Indian Political leaders have neglected other victims and have paid bigger condolences to Mumbai victims. It seems that human life is valued based on their socioeconomic statues. I do not know if that is right or wrong!?

I remember, few years back some church leaders made us “cry” and some advised us to “smile” in that situation. It took time for me and my wife to do what is “right”! We did not smile or kept crying but rather we went for a site seeking drive all the way from Chicago to New York City and celebrated our joy of getting ready to serve the Lord.

Dear brothers and sisters, Indian church/political leaders need to know why they do what they do. Christmas celebration or an inauguration of Christmas celebrations would prove just the events of mere entertainment if they are done with even the slightest selfishness.

Friends, this is very urgent for us to understand that our own mind cheats us and our goal of celebrations gets limited to some event achievement and therefore it turns out to be the humanistic benefit for some but the missional achievement that comes from such spontaneous or traditional events turns out to be the most drain or empty.

How true and decent it is when the prophet Isaiah says, “Yet the Lord longs to be gracious to you; he rises to show you compassion. For the LORD is a God of justice. Blessed are all who wait for him…” All our celebrations need to be refined and not to be cancelled… because we on our own-goodness will never be able to celebrate anything.

Let us celebrate Christmas and New Year 2009 with full joy! I must quote what Rev. Vijay Minz says in one of his emails,

“We should remember that the First Christmas was celebrated in the midst of all the hopeless situation of slavery, extreme cold weather, lack of adequate space and ….so on….The message of Christmas is not that of sorrow, but of HOPE, that the Savior of the world is come down to restore the broken hearted and even the victims of bomb blast, and to give a new hope (in the midst of all the chaos) to everyone who lost their dear ones.

This implies, we must express our solidarity with people, pray for them, inviting even non-Christians in the Churches to express solidarity with the victims, and at the same time offering hope in Christ Jesus. What better opportunity to do that, but a Christmas. Remember death is indeed a painful and unforgettable reality, but the death of Christ has changed that, by giving a hope of resurrection, hence the Christians can face even the last enemy through Christ.

Let nothing put down our joy. In all our public, ecclesiastical and family celebrations offer heartfelt prayers for our nation. Let us give all due condolences and help to the victims and meaningful esteemed salute to the bereave martyrs of Indian security agencies. Amen.

Shall we…?

How should India respond to Mumbai attacks

The Mumbai terror strike is no ordinary attack. All over the world there have been several blasts but in all those cases they have been attacks by stealth. Here is the first instance where the attackers have openly defied a nation of one billion. That the nation's 200 elite commandos were defied for 60 hours is a tremendous boost for the morale of terrorists all over the world. This also brings into question even India's nuclear deterrence. The effect of inaction can be devastating.

Understanding the attack objectives:

Enough has been written and shown about the methods, routes and actual actions of the young psychopath terrorists who killed Indian citizens and foreigners in Mumbai. I do not intend to cover that ground again except to say that as an ex-soldier (and a commando instructor) I felt immense pride at the bravery shown by our men in eliminating the terrorists.

I salute those brave men and women of the staff at the hotels who gave their lives to protect the guests in hotel. It is in a sense our finest hour -- shows how a decent peace-loving citizenry can rise to the occasion. I salute them.

First and foremost it must be clearly understood that the attack did not have a direct Pakistan government hand in it, by that I mean the civil government. Whether it had the backing of Pakistan Army [Images]/Inter Services Intelligence combine is a difficult question to answer. I wish to again reiterate that I do not distinguish between ISI and the army. This is myth propagated by the Pakistan army and swallowed by gullible Indian media; after all the ISI functions directly under the army chief (recent efforts to put it under civil control were brought to naught due to army pressure) and headed by a serving Lieutenant General. The ISI and Pakistan army are one and the same.

The young attackers had a single motivation -- to kill the maximum number of Indians. It is true that they asked for Americans and British citizens in hotels -- but that must have been when they may be running short of ammunition.

Some idea of the aim of the terrorists could be gauged from the effect it has had on the sub-continent. First and foremost, it has brought to naught the entire peace process and CBMs (confidence building measures) between India and Pakistan. This has been the aim of extremist elements in Pakistan for a very long time. Some elements in Pakistan, close to the army, are blaming India for over-reaction. These worthies forget that it is the failure of the Pakistan government and society to control these jihadists in their midst that is the reason for this sorry pass.

The rise in Indo-Pakistan tensions has given the opportunity to the Pakistani army to wind down its operations against al Qaeda and Taliban [Images] on the Afghan border. Thus the direct beneficiary of this attack is undoubtedly al Qaeda/Taliban. The perceived threat from India has given rise to the Taliban offering a ceasefire to the Pakistan army to deal with the infidel enemy on the east -- India! This has extricated the Pakistan army from a difficult and bloody campaign that many in Pakistan and in its army had termed as 'America's war'. Thus there is a convergence of interests of Taliban/Al Qaeda [Images]/Pakistan army in breaking the Indo-Pakistan peace process and creating tensions on the Indo-Pakistan border.

In international affairs there are no accidents -- each event has a firm cause-effect relationship. It is therefore fair to assume that it was a joint al Qaeda/Taliban/Pakistan Army operation. Here the term 'Taliban is used in a generic sense and includes groups like Massod Azhar's Jaish-e-Mohammad, Lashkar-e-Tayiba or its new 'avatar' Markaz-e-Dawa. As more and more evidence comes to light, involvement of groups from the middle-east -- Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh and UK-based Pakistani is coming to light. There seems to be a 'consortium' formed to carry out terror attacks in India.

Another reason to suspect such involvement is the magnitude of logistic support needed for such an operation. Even professional armies find it difficult to launch a sea borne assault nearly 500 nautical miles from its base! As a thumb rule for each terrorist in operation, there would be ten persons needed for support and logistics. This means at least 100 to 150 persons are involved with skills ranging from sea navigation to communication to medical aid. The terrorist must have planned for contingencies and a get away. A local support cell is an absolute certainty.

None of this can be done without support or nod from the real rulers of Pakistan -- the army. Democratic fa�ade notwithstanding -- Pakistan is unique. Elsewhere a country has an army -- here an army has a country. One of the pluses of this operation could well be the ending of brief life of the democratic govt in that country. The Pakistan army has conquered Pakistan several times, it may well be preparing for anther conquest of their own country.

Predictably, western pressure seems to be mounting on India, the victim of terrorism and not Pakistan the perpetrator. The West is solely interested in getting help for its operations in Afghanistan -- Indian loss of lives be damned. Some indication of this is already available with Western media acting coy in acknowledging the fact that a terrorist has been caught alive and singing like a canary.

There have been attempts to link this with Kashmir -- the perennial love of the West. That at this very moment Kashmir has voted in elections -- an overwhelming 60 percent -- is of no consequence to the blind western media. Indians have seen this farce repeat in the past 30 years, the end of Cold war has done very little to change this entrenched mindset. This author was in Salzburg (Austria) last year September attending a global workshop on terrorism. Whenever there was a mention of a terrorist attack, 9/11 topped the list and that included London [Images] and Madrid bombings but never the serial bomb attacks on Mumbai. But it must be admitted that it is wrong to blame the foreigners alone. Our own pseudo liberals and secularists have time and time only highlighted the victim hood of minorities. These anti-nationals have created an image of the country and its majority as one of the most intolerant countries in the world.

Part II: Target the Pakistan army, not Pakistan

Read and let others know about it ... :)

Some1 killed Aamir's Girl Friend n he lost his memory then he tries 2
find out d killer

Suspense: Amir himself is the killer

Now enjoy Ghajini



Reasons, why I hate Amir Khan ::::

  1. His attitude
  2. Aamir Khan now has a dog called Shahrukh

  3. Every one nows that now the girl:boys ratio has a pathetic rating and yet he he got married twice ;)

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Aamir Khan is, from this day onward, officially on my “ignore” list.


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