Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Why Womens Should Not Watch Ghajini

Another new day but with a difference...

Another new day but with a difference ... not 2008 rather 2009...
The day is going to end, but its unusual
others passed away silently,but it has new resolutions ..
One more year ended, and another follows..
Its new year party , all rocking on the floor
but I am still in fix ...
To enjoy the one thats yet to come, havent seen,
Or to mourn on one that showed the scene..
The parties were held last year too,
To enjoy this one for things it may bestow....
but the year have ended .. with recession , job crises
cries n hues of blast and terror at nariman, oberoi ,Taj
We planned for a change,but its now to show that u care
And you wont sit back and stare...
And if anyone would had a heart ,
no one would have planned for enjoying their part ..

and thats why i feel n wish that you all have a safe n secure new year ahead .. 2009