Saturday, January 10, 2009

Interesting Fact

An interesting fact:

Did u know that?
"Bangalored" is a adjective which recently got added in the dictionary.

A person is said to be bangalored if he lost his job because the work got
outsourced to Bangalore or any other city in India (Asia) .

"He got bangalored last week" is an exa mp le of its usage.

U can also type this word "bangalored" in Google search n see. (Or

Lot of people in US got bangalored that it became an issue during the US
Presidential election. That ' s exactly when this word was coined.

I searched for this word on ‘’ an here is the result:

when I searched in I got this

bangalored - 1 dictionary result

Main Entry:


Part of Speech:



laid off due to outsourcing, esp. outsourcing to India or other parts of Asia


Most of the department was bangalored--their jobs have moved to India.


fr Bangalore's reputation as a high-tech city



Satyam Saga: Ramalinga Raju surrenders, arrested

whether its family based poltical dynasty (congress gandhi
dynasty or THE FAMILY PARTY ) or family based conglomerates
(satyam etc) in india when size becomes massive beyond
management control, manipulation & intimidation replaces
fairness.Its just my personal opinion.

The long overdue Satyam saga could just be a tip of iceberg
of many more hidden ones. Important thing is to resuscitate
the indian economy by creating & maintaining trust among
investors through timely & conservative
disclosures.Indian accounting standards are not considered
at par with those in britain,canada, hong kong etc. as some
of immigrating indian accountants might have learnt. they
have to upgrade to western standards. Its high time that
there be a overhaul and resuffling of indian accounting
STANDARDS (IFRS) issued solely by International Accounting
Standards Board (IASB) located in London, England. The Board
has 14 members, seven of whom are direct liasons with seven
national standard-setting bodies ( the UK , USA ,Canada
,Australia ,Germany , France and Japan ). 

Thursday, January 8, 2009

कोई समझाएं

कोई समझाए इन सिरफिरों कों,

गोलिया कोई धर्म नही जानती ,

इसे हिंदू या मुस्लिम का फर्क नही,

मौत कों ही ये अपना है कर्म मानती

कोई समझाए इन सिरफिरों कों,

बारूद की कोई जात नही होती,

ज़ख्मो से बहते खून कों समझे,

ऐसी इसमे ज़ज्बात नही होती,

कोई समझाए इन सिरफिरों कों,

आतंक मजहबों कों नही मानता,

ये अंत की शुरुआत है ,

ज़िन्दगी के मायेने नही जानता

कोई समझाए इन सिरफिरों कों,

लहू के कभी दो रंग नही होते,

हमे धर्मो के नाम पर ना बांटो,

क्यूंकि भाइओ में कभी ज़ंग नही होते