Wednesday, October 8, 2008


world is might,
& that is right...

in the far way to night,
it is very difficult to survive...
in this fast moving world
fast changing beliefs,
faster changing people....
we all feel lost
& thus 
wanna say goodbye....
But we can't...

our shoulder have burden(weight)
weight that makes us bend 
into different shape

& thus we can't say goodbye...

world is changing they say
that might be right
& makes me lost
in the world of deep blue sky...

where i shall go.. what i do
what is right,
that makes me wrong...

the world will know
what i feel
the world will change 
that i will do
zest go around like an infant...
what i feel so..

nobody will feel lost
blossom's smell will spread
Sun rises again from east
cycle begins as i feel
     WRITTEN BY...
                            RISHABH SHUKLA
                       BTECH 2ND YR