Tuesday, October 7, 2008

October 7 '2008 Tuesday

Today we bunked our college,as everyone in our class were ready to go for a mass bunk, so ?I remained at home but everyone knows that that his time also 4-8 people will definately come to college...never mind, those people are going tounknowingly or unwillingly help us by preventing us from the fine of rs 200 on mass bunks as told by noe of my friend.....
Utilizing this holiday....I ,Pushkar and other friends have planned to go to IIT for purchsing the GATE form and depositing it too on the spot....lets see whetehr all the things are going to happen in accordance to our plan or not...
Pushkar and Pappu will be meeting me at IIT gate from where we are going to plan for the further proceedings........

Vikas Bajpai
CS Final Year
12:28 pm