Friday, October 10, 2008

October 10 2008

Yesterday a funny incident happend with me. One of my school friend Ashish was online latenight, so as usual after normal talks I gave the link of this blog, he visited the blog and liked it too and when I asked him to be one of the author of this blog, he said ok and I invited him too.But the moment he started filling entries,he said to me that instead of writing to your blog I would prefer to write on my own you tell me how to create a blog.......Oh my god..I took 20-30 minutes to convince him so that he would write something on my blog, but within a minute or two he made up his mind of creating his own blog....well let it be....still he is among one of my good friend..n now I am desperately waiting for his invitation to be an author of his newly created blog.........

Vikas Bajpai
CS Final Year
06:03 am