Thursday, October 9, 2008

October 9 2008 Thursday

The day starts by reading the newspaper, market crashes down by more than 300 points.....most of the people might not be knowing that how much interested I am in share trading, but the market conditions depicts that no need to go for trading,just wait and watch which need loads of patience ....
It is rightly said that "Behind an able man, there are always other able men.. or a woman", no need to give stress to your brains, the only thing which I am trying to say is that one can't get success on his own , one needs to work in am I working in group so as to finish my project work of Project Lab but still no active participation is there from my group members Shubham and Ankit. The only guy who is taking a little interest is Abhishek who eagerly listens to0 my ideas and gives his own ideas too.
Although it is said that you don't get good marks if you make a project on your own.....the only thing by which you get good marks is to manage a project from someone else, modify it and submit it. But still I have decided not to give a project made by others,why not try by myself, will see what happens next........
Vikas Bajpai
CS Final Year
9:50 am