Monday, February 16, 2009

Is Love All Bulshit ????

This is in response to Rishabh's comment .. Love is all Bullshit ... i just want to say that his comment motivated me to write few lines on the topic... what i feels about it ....

When ur heart gets infected by the virus of love ..
Nothing in this world is then above.
The feelings and emotion takeover ,
U dont get to knw but they hover.
U like evrything that happens ,
even the fights and quarrel ..

The search then begins
for things that make ur love smile
even its just for a small while.

The feelings play crucial role..
And things are left untold .
The words are not enough,
but are the only one to express ..
The moments are captured
And or the most treasured ...

so , Love is not mere emotion
but god's beautiful creation
Through which the souls unite
making lives of each other bright .
The only thing able to handle effect
outrageous feelings, hatred and fights

To remove the evils affecting society
This feeling is the first priority.
Unlike others try to imagine .
ways to evacuate the -ve things
WIth the only one which is love ..



Many a times you love to know what exactly love is but that when you fail in that........
wel i m exactly not fail but i was made to fail.....
wel all apart m nobody to give u inspiration maaam
you are very gud or great writer i hav ever met...what love is to know it you should lost someone....then you find love..
ask the motherwho lost his son in a war she will tell you what love is..
so its the biggest emotion...
wel negatively said that "love is bullshit"
love is't becose it everything......

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Anonymous said...

nice blog. very poetic topic.