Wednesday, February 18, 2009

darkness is not insane...

sun fallen from sky
there is a dark outside.

moon light like a chandeliers,
clouds like a ghost image.

breezy weather with a little cold.
moon light falling over spiders web.

vibrating noise of distant insect,
sounding like a wedding singer.

grasses worn drops of water,
beautiful darkness with shadowy images.

silence like under gravestone,
light fighting for her presence.

we all know that dawn is approaching,
darkness always has a fun hidden in it.

every night is follow by a day,
every day is follow by a dark.

darkness does not means sadness,
its something that man get better.

power to stand is not with you,
if darkness wasn't have in you.

power to stand power for stand,
light is not always dare in the end.

darkness does not follow light,
light follow the darkness.

rage and sadness follow the darkness,
darkness is not insane......

written by
Rishabh Shukla


E.L. said...

read some of your poems... you are really talented!!

Rahul said...

Interesting blog! Pretty heavy on multimedia but nice.

angelshair said...

I love this talks to me!!!

Navjyot Kaur said...
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Navjyot Kaur said...

hmm.. so another experience of our life compelled u to put forth another compostition .... yes darkness is not insane .. and i just hope u keep on writing like this but not at the stake of ur studies ....
al the best for future