Monday, February 23, 2009


today the sun came a bit early,

to behold her charishma ..

today the tide was at its pinacle,

to salute her royalty,

today the birds chirped sweeter,

to match the beauty of her voice,

today the brooks ran swifter,

to match her dextrous steps,

today the flowers bloomed with more aroma,

to overdo her bodily odour,

today the dusk would come a bit early,

to escape her glittering glamour,

today nobody wudd sleep,

to let her majesty reside in solitude...


Margaret Elmendorf said...

Great blog, really like the way you write. So glad I came to visit.

Navjyot Kaur said...

hmm .. nice one.. u r efforts r commendable ... keep it up .waiting for more