Saturday, February 14, 2009

here i am

this is my last written poem on love in the past few days i found that love is what nobody can define but for me love is hardly an emotion that is totally scripted
love is nothing but a flick of attraction.......
i hate love....
i hate all emotion that notion into tym and effect your heart to shatter it into pieces
so don't love and help urself to be safe n secure........
last poem of love from my vault

Here I am with you,

Fair pledge of our dream,

That flies to the stars,

And stardust fall all over us,

Fly as high as you are,

To the secret land of blossom,

To the secret land of nature,

Where there is no body,

And there is only who’s somebody’s me,

In the way of your imagination,

Happiness everywhere as,

There is beauty of nature,

Happiness everywhere as,

There is our creation.

Here I am with you,

As it is our creation

The narrow stream,

Trees and beautiful flowers,

And nightingales singing,

Under lovely trees and flower.

Stream of love and pleasant weather,

Over rock worn yellow with ages,

Like a undefined world of heaven,

You should know what is good,

You should know you are in love.

In the way of your dream,

In the way of your imagination,

This is freedom,

This is love & I love to live it.


joeshico said...

Great Poem: This is also a great day in USA for reading them (Valentine's Day)

Camper said...

This is a great poem. Nice imagery. Touching.. I also love poetry... nice going..

Gossip Seriously said...

Nice poem. I like the pics too.


hey grt that ppl far far away also reading with all emotions that notion into tym............
thanks thank you very much for your valuable comments

Helen Grigor'eva said...

Words of love is what woman needs to have a great day. My day will surely be great after visiting your blog! Thanks for this inspirational poem and nice photos!