Saturday, January 24, 2009


One day I met an angel in the jungle,
She takes me to the land of fate,
To the land of dreams,

The world is changed
I feel in the water
I feel in the earth
I smell it in the air.
Much the one’s was is lost,
For none now live to remember it.

When I met an angel in the jungle
She asked me a question
While we both watch in a broken mirror.

When you look into the mirror,
I said what I would see
She said with a twinkling smile
Even the wisest could not tell
For the mirror shows many things.
Things that works
Things that arc,
And something
That have not came yet to power

I saw the mirror
All I saw was full of evil
All I saw was a disaster
My life, love and caste
Has burn into ashes
It’s not the phoenix
Which raise from ashes

Angel said with her corrupt cause
I know what you saw
It is what will come into past
If you will fail
The system will break
And you will shattered into pieces
And one by one it will destroy them all.

After watching the deadfall task
It said that I’ll give one power
& let to her freely
That not allows my heart
To greatly desire it
& I ready to sacrifices
My most precious thing that I have
I can say it’s my life…

With a great long pause
She said again possessing
A twinkling sparkly smile
U won’t diminish
U can change the world
You are everything
You won’t fear
And appoint me a task

She said in same singing style
If you do not find the way
I said no I will
I know what I must do
I am just afraid to do it.

May it be that need to stop.
May it be when darkness were on
Your heart will retreat
The shadow does not hold sway yet
Not over you not over me

What you got from the story
Even the smallest person like me can
Change the cause of the future
She was a history that become legend
She was a legend that becomes a myth…..


Vikas Bajpai said...

bhai by reading the first stanza main angel ka naam to samajh gaya,par wwoh angel to nahi hai..... ;)
aage dekho ki kya kya hota hai poem me , let me read it thorughly.......

smita singh said...

Above written commment by vikas is a sarcastic comment.publically aisei nhi krte hia vikas..n by d way rishabh poem is reallly gud n keep up the gud work........god bless beta.

Navjyot Kaur said...

i read it once, twice.. thrice.. and continuing to do the same again..
tried to get the latent feelings but still there r sum yet to discover.. i must say that ur effort is commendable .. specially the way u have portrayed the feelings of a youth towards the current situation.. the helpness along with the will to put forth efforts for a change .. the communication between the angel and u ... thats beyond imagination atleast in my case :) .. a very gud job .. keep it up hope so i get chance to read more of such compositions..


ya navi maam u got my vib
vese this poem is my fav one
i hav written after watching a video
of linkin park's "what i'av done"
so what i can do to change the world is all abt it......
m very obliged with the comments
god bless everybody

~AKRATI~ said...

Hmm….i fine piece, written with great pain but I think that the poet is so much dipped into the mood that somewhere he fails to get in resonance with the common reader. The idea behind the whole poem is somewhere lost into oblivion. The poet could have been a bit more precise. Otherwise everything else seems in place and if one takes pain of reading the piece of writing over and over again he is likely to get a fair insight into the whole atmosphere that the poet has tried to create. Good luck! Rishabh… I hope to read more of u…..keep up the good work! You possess a stroke of a motivator.


thankz a lot all mye readers wel i wanna more comments for my writing
and do more meteoric writing in future
thanks again