Saturday, January 24, 2009

Natures Creation

Natures Creation ..

The time away it swings,
wind blews like it has wings.
the sun high.. bright it shines,
cool ocean , inside has marine
all are the creation of nature,
with changes that r predictable,
also these can be nutured...
But , what abt human ??
another creation of mother nature.

Changes atitudes like passing weather ,
unpredictable , numerous moods swing,
indeterminantant what it may bring,
want to reach high , shine bright,
have killed feelings , heart inside....
nourishes relation that has motives,
has its own word dictionary
diplomatic replies , false smiles r accessory

so what can u say
about human nature ,
another creation of mother nature....



whAT abt human race is only thing
i can say is
distruction is first step to acceptence that
we are villeins of ourself.......
a very dramatic n philosophic art
by your beautiful hand.....
go on go over but nvr giv up

shayar raza nawab said...

not as fine as the last one. bt kudos work.. i must say.
waise bahen kiski hai,. meri, To hogi hi achhi ,kudos sis,