Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"Early-morning diary-writing. Again."

Dear Diary:

My shoulder's definitely about to die. But I've got a microphone on my computer now! I've always wanted to know what I sound like singing so I'm going to try that today, once Bro left. I found such a lovely song whilst shopping yesterday. I'd heard it so many times before and I was like "wow. Turns out it's actually their one song that everybody knows. Except me, I had heard it loads but wasn't sure what it was. Although I feel bad randomly asking people to lend me stuff. I've never done that before.

aveen Market! It was great. I bought two shirts, one blue frilly one and one stripy. The stripy one's not so great, I mainly bought it as a bit of retail therapy. Got a grey jumper and a pair of jeans. The greyness of the jumper reminds me of lovely things. I don't even know why. That one Monday in the park, especially. But, best of all, I bought The Pigeon Detectives album Mr. Green. It's one of the better CDs I've ever bought.

I have a weird spot on the back of my leg and it's itching. Lovely. singing.