Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blogs and Diary writing.........

Blogs have been around for what…10 years now? Blogs actually started way before the Internet ever existed and if you used to write or still do write in a diary, you’re technically blogging. If you’re unfamiliar with what a diary is, it’s basically a small little book for your to jot down your daily life encounters. You be writing in the diary about how you met a girl or boy at school or how you failed a class. These daily notes are what reminds you of what happened during that time and is usually kept for years. As you reach your adulthood, you most likely have forgotten about it because writing in diaries were a thing in the past. Once you find your childhood diary, it’s the thing that brings back a lot of memories and flashbacks, but I can now say that writing in a diary just isn’t a childhood thing anymore.

It’s the 21st century now and written diaries are old news because with Internet, there are blogs. A blog is basically a web log or in other words, a place for you to rant and keep track of your memories. When blogs came out, a lot of people took advantage of the Internet to give a new feel to diary writing.

There are still a lot of online blog diaries that are being used by people to keep track of things, but the only problem is nothing is private anymore. A diary used to be a well kept notebook or notepad that was secretly hidden. There aren’t a lot of diary writers that actually tell their friends that they utilize a diary to keep track of things because the majority of the time, the notes in the diary are very personal.