Friday, March 13, 2009

fizz of love........

What did I see?
In these few days,
She’s near me,
I feel it as a date.

Few exotic feeling in my head,
I sing a song,
Is that what we need?
On this day, in that hour.

Everyday I see you,
I need you everyday.

It’s what I have to say,
It’s what I love to pray.

Stars are right,
Moon was tight,
I was with you,
In lovely countryside.

We were moving like an ocean seine,
Love is there that what we need,
Northern light up in the sky,
Dancing like goddess of love,
That what I feel.

Time has came,
Time has gone,
I said that word,
Which was made in heaven?

It will be next to never,
I have said it forever,
There was a hush,
I thought I made her hurt.

Icing my heart,
Feel it very cold,
I left my heart,
Under husk to roar.